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Date: 4/10/2009

Digital Video Solutions for Police In-Car Video Systems


Digital Video Solutions for Police In-Car Video Systems


Advantech’s Digital Video Solution Division has successfully applied its industrial design expertise to an in-vehicle police computing and surveillance system. Advantech used its vehicle computing know-how to deliver a complete solution based on its compact and rugged open digital video computing platform, sunlight readable LCD and control module, mobile UPS, cameras, and SDK. The end-customer is a police department that has equipped patrol cars with an x86 open digital video computing platform to help collect fines and resolve allegations made against officers. This open platform has enabled police application software to be easily integrated with digital video functions. Events such as unholstering a gun and notes typed by the officer are recorded with digital video and then uploaded to a server at the end of the officer’s shift. These videos can then be seen instantly by searching for the associated event or note. Vehicle mounted computers must endure unstable power, tolerate dust and vibration, fit into confined spaces, and withstand a wide range of temperatures, while being fast enough to process multiple events and video inputs simultaneously. They also need excellent integration with the vehicle, and user interfaces that are made for mobile use—qualities that industrial-grade open platforms deliver.


Our customer needed an open, compact, rock-solid, and fully integrated in-vehicle police computing and surveillance system. Intel x86 mobile processors provide ample computing performance for existing customer applications, and dedicated codecs provide MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video support. These devices have low thermal emissions to enable operation in a small, sealed metal chassis that easily dissipates excess heat. A specially designed mobile UPS provides stable power. All components, including the cameras, LCD, and control module are built to resist shock, and the whole system has an ergonomic mechanical design. Dedicated and experienced engineers and project managers produced this integrated thermal, electrical, and mechanical design for excellent system stability backed by Advantech global service and long-term support.
The SDK support helped integrate existing in-vehicle and back-end applications.
Hardware and software stability and integration have resulted in reduced maintenance costs, a 90% reduction in lawsuits, increased police department efficiency, and high customer satisfaction.