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2014 Advantech Intellient Building Solutions

VideoBy youtube | 10/14/2014
Standing at the junction between ICT and humanity, Advantech uses indoor technology and innovative thinking to establish forward-looking, intelligent scenarios and green applications at its Linkou Campus, fully optimizing space utilization throughout the building. In Advantech Linkou Campus, solid “Intelligent BEMS” & "Intelligent Space Management" ”solutions are installed together with industrial partners’ effort to build up a new iBuilding eco-system to service customers with better quality and communication process. The Advantech Linkou Campus is a perfect example of intelligent building technology.

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  • Urban Efficiency through collaboration

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/2/2014
    By 2050 it is estimated that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities and in another 40 years our urban capacity will have doubled what it previously took 4000 years to build. Scary statistics and whether or not these predictions come true we have to make drastic changes to the way...
  • People in Glass Houses…

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/2/2014
    Glass has been around since 3500BC where it was first made in northern Syrian and used for making objects. The first windows began appearing in around 100AD in Rome and ever since the quality has been improving. To demonstrate just how far glass manufacturing had come, Victorian London was home to t...
  • Building Energy Management Software

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/1/2014
    In order to control all of the hardware needed to control the energy requirements of buildings, it takes some quite sophisticated software and once you’ve done everything else to reduce your energy bills it maybe the last place to be changed.
  • Creative Eco Buildings

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/1/2014
    Most buildings are about as air tight as your average sieve, even with modern insulating and cooling methods air leaks cost home owners large amounts of money and consume 40% of the total fossil fuel energy in the US and European Union. The way round this is zero energy buildings.
  • Watching the future

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/1/2014
    Google Glass. may be an intrusive fashion item worn by hipsters and voyeurs but it may also have a practical purpose for BEMS workers and although there are no specific applications available yet, Google Glass applications could help BEMS engineers ascertain specific problems within their buildings.
  • How Green is Your Building

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/1/2014
    When we talk about intelligent buildings, the last thing that springs to mind is plants. After all plants aren’t electronic and active; they’re natural and passive. So why are they included in a forum about intelligent cities? Well it turns out that they do rather a lot to improve the fu...
  • Innovative Street Furniture

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/1/2014

    Street furniture is the technical term for the various accessorial items on our streets and parks. Everything from fire hydrants to bus stops, to advertising hoardings to telephone exchange boxes falls under this category. Some of it can be attractive...

  • Energy Saving Building Techniques

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/1/2014
    Steel and concrete are the two of the most common building materials, the problem is that despite the fact that they are excellent at keeping out the wind and the rain, neither of them are great at saving energy.
  • Take me higher

    Take me higher

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 7/9/2014
    Lifts (elevators if you speak American) have been around for about 3000 years and used a combination of ropes and pulleys powered by humans, animals or water to lift things. And things didn’t change much until the industrial revolution when the first mechanical lifts were developed. Along the...
  • Time to get comfortable

    Time to get comfortable

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 4/30/2014
    Stuffy meeting rooms and auditoria, with poor audio facilities are quite common and often make the idea of a long meeting something to dread for more reasons than just the weak coffee. Now, with the aid of modern technology, meeting rooms can become more pleasant to be stuck in. We have previously d...
  • Improving Building Comfort and Energy Savings by Advantech WebAccess

    Improving Building Comfort and Energy Savings by Advantech WebAccess

    Case StudiesAdvantech | 4/18/2014
    During the energy crisis of the 1970’s there was a sea-change in the building industry when it paid more attention to the idea of conserving energy and introduced the terms Building Management System (BMS) and Building Automation System (BAS). Continuing rising energy prices and carbon reducti...
  • I see the future

    I see the future

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 1/15/2014
    We’ve spoken a lot about intelligent buildings in recent months and due the huge costs involved it’s difficult to retrofit a building to make it more intelligent. At Advantech we are building two new buildings, one in China and the other in Taiwan, that are embracing the concept of intel...
  • People in Glass Houses

    People in Glass Houses

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 10/1/2013
    Glass has been around since 3500BC where it was first made in northern Syrian and used for making objects. The first windows began appearing in around 100AD in Rome and ever since the quality has been improving. To demonstrate just how far glass manufacturing had come, Victorian London was home t...
  • Understanding Device Level Connection Topologies

    WhitePaper 9/17/2013
    Even ten years ago, most factory floor sensors were connected directly to a PLC or other controller using analog (often 4-20 mADC) cable. Data acquisition systems had sensors individually hard-wired to them and multiplexing for DAQ was expensive and only used when very long distances were involve...
  • Reducing Electricity Usage of Air Conditioning Pumps

    Reducing Electricity Usage of Air Conditioning Pumps

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 8/9/2013

    As energy prices continue to rise, with little sign of them decreasing, as the cost of going “green” is passed on to consumers, engineers have been working to build more efficient devices and components of these devices.

  • Remote Building Management

    Remote Building Management

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 5/30/2013
    Not so long ago the only option for managing a building’s HVAC system was to have engineers at each site. That’s not a problem if there was only one building or they were relatively close together. But for buildings in remote locations, where full time staff may not be permanently emp...
  • New Attractive ADAM-2000Z Snapshot Video

    New Attractive ADAM-2000Z Snapshot Video

    VideoAdvantech | 4/25/2013
    Watch the impressive ADAM-2000Z video to get more ideas about wireless I/O video and feel free to promote it in your regions.
  • Energy Saving Buildings

    Energy Saving Buildings

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 2/25/2013

    Most Buildings leach air. They are draughty in the winter and too hot in the summer, the inefficiencies of building materials don’t make them efficient to heat, cool or light.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    Industry FocusAutomation | 1/3/2013
    It is estimated that by 2030 60% of the world’s population or approximately 5 billon people, will live in cities and towns. Currently that figure is approximately 3.3 billion. Whilst these seem like large numbers, the surprise is that a mere 100 years ago there were only 20 cities globally...
  • Maximizing the Added-values of i-Buildings with Scenario-based Applications

    Maximizing the Added-values of i-Buildings with Scenario-based Applications

    Industry FocusAutomation | 11/30/2012
    Exemplifying what values intelligent technology could add to a building, many i-building solutions are coming to the market. Gary Wang, manager of Advantech Intelligent Building Solutions Business Development Division, takes the company’s solutions as an example and said that iBuilding solu...
  • The Future is Connected – Riding the Wave of IoT Growth

    The Future is Connected – Riding the Wave of IoT Growth

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 10/19/2012
    Your game console talks to Netflix and other sites on the Internet. Your TV, DVR, smart-phone and tablet PC are all capable of accessing the Internet. You may very likely have a smart electric, gas or water meter that is connected to your house and able to talk to your heating and cooling systems...
  • Improving Building Efficiency

    Improving Building Efficiency

    Industry FocusiBuilding | 9/27/2012

    As the cost of energy continues to rise, building managers are under increasing pressure to prevent their properties from wasting these expensive resources. By using an Advantech BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) solution, there are huge savings to be made.

  • Advantech Energy Management Solution Saves Power for Convenience Stores

    Advantech Energy Management Solution Saves Power for Convenience Stores

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 7/23/2012
    Taiwan has the world’s highest density of 24 hour convenience stores and the amount of energy required to operate these stores is of great concern. Convenience stores have been heavily affected by the recent increases in electricity costs and it’s, therefore, inevitable that in the hi...
  • Advantech’s Intelligent Building Solutions

    Advantech’s Intelligent Building Solutions

    Video 6/20/2012
    With the advance of civilization, the functions of buildings are no longer limited to sheltering from the wind and rain as they once were, but put more emphasis on the users’ security, health, comfort, convenience and friendliness to the environment.  There consequently emerged the ide...
  • Building Automation and Energy Management System

    Building Automation and Energy Management System

    Video 5/30/2012
    • Energy Consumption Collection of College
    • Energy Consumption Collection of Office Building
    • Energy Consumption Collection of Public Construction Building
    • Equipment Monitoring and Controlling of Factory
    • Equipment Monitoring and Controlling of Ho...
  • Advantech on the Leading Edge of iBuilding

    Advantech on the Leading Edge of iBuilding

    Technology HighlightAdvantech | 5/24/2012

    How smart can a corporate building be? Imagine that you are driving to a company’s offices for a meeting, and you miss a turning and get lost. You pick up your smartphone, tap the e-mail notification, open a file, and a GPS map appears on the screen, with a highligh...

  • Building Automation Systems

    Building Automation Systems

    Building automation systems helps intelligent buildings to increase energy efficiency and energy saving. It offers web-enabled and browser-based components to allow engineers to be much more flexible and to easily control equipment in building automation systems. WebAccess HMI/SCADA software provides remote access and ...
  • Computer On Modules

    Computer On Modules

    Advantech Computer On Module series include: COM-Express Compact, COM-Express Basic, COM-Express Mini, ETX and Qseven, all design-in services support fanless operation in various small form factors while supporting CPUs ranging from AMD LX800 to Intel Core i series. Diverse design-in service COM solutions: COM-Express ...
  • Single Board Computers

    Single Board Computers

    Advantech embedded Single Board Computer (SBC Computer) series range from 3.5 SBC, PC 104, EPIC, EBX, to 5.2 SBC boards. These embedded computers come in standard form factors in compact sizes with rich I/O, high flexibility and easy expansion capabilities. Embedded computers offer scalable performance to fulfill ...
  • MI/O Extension Single Board Computers

    MI/O Extension Single Board Computers

    MI/O Extension SBC (Single Board Computers) come equipped with flexible multiple IO modules and extension modules which help deliver easy system integration, efficient scheduling, with less development resources. They provide system integrators with optimized solutions in a cost-effective way, while still securing domain ...
  • Industrial Motherboards

    Industrial Motherboards

    Advantech industrial motherboard series range from Mini-ITX, MicroATX to ATX form factor boards. These industrial motherboard series are built with standard form factors which allow customers to seamlessly upgrade without compatibility issues. The standard ATX mounting holes and I/O bracket area are ready-to-use and reduce ...
  • Interactive Digital Signages

    Interactive Digital Signages

    Advantech develops its UTC series for self-service kiosk solutions, including all-in-one computers with multi-touch screens, and digital signage systems with interactive interfaces. UTC ensures successful delivery of content and promotions. With high scalability, UTC can assemble different peripherals, for operating ...
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