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Date: 6/3/2010


With reliable performance and intelligent video analysis technologies, Advantech Digital Video Surveillance solutions are popular adopted in various applications. According to different environment requirements, Advantech provides compact or in-wall N/DVR to satisfy retailer, vehicle or factory applications. Moreover, we also provide economics to advanced N/DVR for user to choose.


Shoplifting and embezzlement account for the major losses of retail business these days. Increased competition has led retailers to focus on prevention control as essential to combat these losses. Digital surveillance solutions rely on integrated software and a reliable platform. The PVS-500 series is compact and operates with very low noise. With integrated remote management, it provides businesses with a strategic, easy to use monitoring solution.


Video surveillance systems provide factories not only with basic security, but they can also be integrated with production facilities, bringing extra value to factory management. Leveraging 25 years of experience in industrial automation, Advantech has extended its solutions into video surveillance with H.264 digital video. The PVS-5120 runs mission critical applications in harsh environments. It can be wall mounted, has easy front access to I/O, and with OCX components, helps SI design better factory management solutions.

Enterprise & Government

Public utilities, buildings, offices and industrial spaces must manage facilities, property and assets, preventing threats to staff, customers and guests. The Advantech IP video surveillance solution can be integrated with different subsystems and access controls with ADAM DIO modules, where it has the video quality to meet the key requirements these applications demand. A central monitoring system and H.264 high compression, make it possible to monitor individual offices in different locations via the network using low bit-rate, high quality video.