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Date: 4/27/2009

Advanced Power Management Station

Transmission & Distribution
Location: Taiwan

Project Introduction:
As energy saving and carbon reduction issues become more widespread, it is more important than ever to have advanced power management stations to measure, analyze and optimize power consumption to improve energy efficiency. A large corporation in Taiwan sought Advantech's Data Acquisition solution to help them develop a new power management station in order to improve their energy usage to reduce costs and their impact on the environment.

System Requirements:
The moreefficient the monitoring of power consumption, the more costs and energy can be saved. When this customer wanted to build a new power management station (in which precious watt-hour meters play a crucial role), they were extremely concerned with the quality of data acquisition devices they installed in the system. Thus, they tuned to Advantech with the following requirements:

  • High-accuracy and high-precision measurement
  • High-speed analog input to estimate 60Hz sine wave signals
  • Easy programming development for engineers
  • Isolated counter card to acquire high voltage clock signals

Project Implementation:

PCI-1750 32-ch Isolated Digital I/O and 3-ch Counter PCI Card
PCI-1710 100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch PCI Multifunction Card
ActiveDAQ Pro ActiveX Control-based Software for Data Acquisition



System Diagram:

System Description:
Since the watt-hour meter has a dry contact output, the voltage signal cannot be measured by general DAQ products. Due to the 2,500 VDC isolation protection of the PCI-1750, it can be used to recognize the frequency in order to respond whenever the electricity is conducted and also get rid of the usage of voltage divider. Meanwhile the PCI-1710's high speed analog input measures the time period by reading the pulse numbers. Utilizing these cards and the ActiveDAQ Pro software allowed this customer to measure their power consumption accurately and easily.

Advantech offers a wide range of data acquisition modules for customers to choose from; therefore engineers do not have to spend extra time to integrate multiple data acquisition modules from different vendors. This solution also allows the customer to easily maintain and expand the system in the future.