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Date: 8/6/2009

Taipei’s eBus System Powered by the VITA-350P

Location: Taiwan
Customer: Tele Net International Corp.

Project Introduction
Managing the logistics, scheduling, and whereabouts of a bus fleet in a large urban city is no easy task. Traffic and congestion, bus mechanical failure, driver behavior, and other factors make it difficult to keep buses on route and on time. In addition, providing up-to-date information to passengers is a formidable service goal. The ability to know when and where a bus is via the internet, telephone or at the bus stop itself can make all the difference to a busy commuter. The Taipei City Public Transportation Office set out with the goal to create a system which was both timesaving and easy for passengers to use, as well as effective for central dispatch and backend controllers to use.

The Public Transportation Office elicited the help of Tele Net, a system integrator specialized in providing vehicle positioning systems (using GPS & GPRS technology) to the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) market. They chose Advantech's VITA-350P as the cornerstone of the rapid-transit eBus system. Key factors in their decision were a platform that was industrial-grade, highly stable, cost-effective to deploy in a large install base, easy to integrate, and with outstanding vendor support. The VITA-350P has built-in GPS and a GPRS module to allow location tracking and data transmission. Its industrial design makes it highly reliable ina variety of environments. VITA-350P is designed to withstand vibration; it is shock resistant and able to work in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Taipei city's requirements called for a system that was placed in each of the city's buses. Passengers needed to be able to get real-time route and status information over a variety of communication channels: via telephone, to cell phone/PDAs, from the internet, and at interactive digital signs placed along the route. City managers needed the ability to monitor and manage bus dispatch with improved efficiency. The system needed to include a full back-end management system providing information on bus reporting, monitoring, system and repair information.Tele Net, supplied with the VITA-350P[1], was tasked with integrating the system to work in buses and e-stops throughout the city. Challenges faced in the implementation included seamless integration with the existing hardware infrastructure, scalability, and reliability.

[1] VITA-350P is an OS ready platform (Win CE) making is easy for system integrators to develop complete application solutions.

The implementation was successful and the office was very satisfied with the results. There are future plans to expand this technology in Keelung, and other cities throughout the county in Taipei.
VITA-350P was chassis-mounted and placed in the cab of the metro buses. Its Win CE based solution made application porting simple. The technology included GPS for positioning, GPRS for data transmission, OTA for vehicle diagnostics, and an LED display for the driver.













VITA-350P brought the following benefits to the Taipei Public Transportation Office:
 n Compact size
 n Economical Solution
 n Real-time updates of location information via GPS and GPRS
 n Back-end reporting to the central office
 n Monitoring and management highly integrated with existing systems
 n Improved customer service and satisfaction