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Carrier-grade & Enterprise Blade Servers

The Packetarium XL series of x86 based blade servers is designed for optimum performance in next generation enterprise and telecom applications, enabling new, cost-effective ways to scale-out compute performance on Intel® Architecture processors distributed across high-speed switched backplanes. The systems bring greater performance, flexibility and cost efficiencies to strengthen the transition to NFV and Software Defined Infrastructure. The original Packetarium series is based on Network Processor (NPU) technology to meet more specialized packet processing needs in applications leveraging Deep Packet Inspection.

Product Categories

  • Packetarium XL x86 Blade Servers

    The Packetarium XL family is based on two high-speed switched backplane architectures. The Packetarium XLe for Enterprise series is optimized for maximum CPU and I/O density, bringing higher throughput to meet the increased demand for faster packet handling in enterprise networking and telecom middle boxes. The Packetarium XLc for Carrier Networks is designed to provide equipment manufacturers and service providers with a telecom cloud infrastructure platform that accelerates the transition to NFV, yet also complies to the equipment practice, the power and thermal footprints of telecom rooms and central offices at the edge and in the core of the networks.

  • Packetarium Network Processor Platforms

    Advantech’s non-x86 Packetarium™ microserver systems are available in multiple rackmount form factors, serving as standard and customized platforms and sharing common design features in order to accelerate system design and maximize hardware and software re-use. The Packetarium™ microserver platform products are highly modular, scaling from 1U to 4U with a wide range of NPUs and core densities for the best in multi-10 GigE and GigE packet processing in homogeneous or hybrid topologies. Powered by Advantech’s Network Processing cards and with flexibility of SATA SDD or PCIe expansion to choose, Advantech’s Packetarium™ microserver platform product line helps drive down costs and provide compelling and consistent experiences to your business.

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