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Embedded Automation Computers

Advantech offers complete embedded automation computers with rugged and cableless designs, including fanless box PCs, industrial control devices. With compact and multiple IOs, multiple expansion solutions and multiple mounting methods, each embedded automation platform is suitable for a wide variety of automation applications in a wide range of environments. The UNO-1000 series are DIN-rail; the UNO-1100 series are DIN-rail, high performance automation computers, the UNO-2000 series are compact, embedded automation computers with fanless box PC/104 extensions, the UNO-2100 series are high performance embedded automation computers with PC/104 extensions, the UNO-3000 series are front access, high performance embedded automation computers with PCI extensions, and the UNO-4000 series are rackmountable, embedded automation computers with PCI extensions. Together with these products, Advantech provides diversified industrial automation control devices to meet nay requirement

Product Categories

  • Powerful DIN-rail PCs with PC/104: UNO-1100

    The UNO-1100 Series DIN-rail PC is designed into a performance embedded automation computer for any environment management. It features an x86-based processor with wide operating temperature range of up to 60°C. These are suitable for SCADA RTU, warehouse, and environment monitoring system. The UNO-1140/F and UNO-1150G/GE are DIN-rail PCs which provide several serial communication ports and Ethernet interfaces that can provide a versatile function to fulfill diverse requirements. The UNO-1170 is an DIN-rail based embedded automation computer, which provides several serial communication ports and Ethernet interfaces; the UNO-1172A is an Intel Atom DIN-rail PC with innovated system diagnostic features. While the UNO-1140FH, UNO-1150GH/GHE and UNO-1172AH are designed to be safely operated for hazardous locations with Class 1, Division 2 certification.

  • High Performance Automation Computers with PC/104: UNO-2100

    The high performance automation computer UNO-2100 series are wall mounted industrial PCs with a PC-104 slot. The wall mounted industrial PCs feature wide ranging computing power (Celeron M 1GHz to Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz), and ports with automatic flow control, the PC 104 slot allows users to add any 3rd party IO module for a wide range of applications. Each UNO-2100 series high performance automation computer supports PCI 104 slot, serial communication ports and several other networking interfaces. Users can seamlessly integrate applications into Windows XP Embedded and speed up system development with an application ready platform that can provide multiple networking interfaces to fulfill many requirements.

  • Wallmount Automation Computers with PCI/PCIe: UNO-3000

    The UNO-3000 series embedded automation computer is a wall mounted PC with PCI expansion or PCI Express slots. These embedded automation computers feature wide ranging computing power (Celeron M 1GHz to Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz), the PCI expansion capability allows users to add any 3rd party IO module for a wide range of applications. The UNO-3072 is a wall mounted PC with two PCI expansion slots, and can fulfill any demanding requirement from the industrial field; the UNO-3072A and UNO-3074A feature up to four PCI expansion slots that provide an excellent performance to power consumption ratio. The UNO-3074 is a wall mounted PC with four PCI expansion slots and features a rugged and field-proven design offering dual power inputs and battery backup SRAM. Finally, the UNO-3082 and UNO-3084 are wall mounted PCs with up to four expansion slots for PCI Express or PCI expansion support, they are also equipped with two IEEE 1394b bilingual interfaces which allows users to connect their own devices for machine vision application.

  • Industrial IoT Gateway

    The edge gateway helps to connect OT and IT seamlessly. With diverse edge computing functions, the gateway can play as important role in multiple IoT constriction, such as protocol converter, data collector, or data logger. With modular design, the edge gateway also features with various I/O and versatile mounting ways for wide-range of applications.

  • Advantech iDoor Module

    Advantech’s New iDoor technology is a brand-new design concept which utilizes the mini PCIe format. By using standardized mini PCIE iDoor modules and interfaces, iDoor Technology gives customers the flexibility to configure the various I/O requirements based on different applications. iDoor modules include: Fieldbus protocol; digital, analog and expansion I/O; smart sensor, communication and memory. The highly flexible customization and easy component replacement gives system integrators the flexible solutions for their own projects to meet different customer needs.

    • Industrial Fieldbus

      Industrial fieldbus iDoor series modules support most popular protocols such as CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, and Sercos III in automation industries.
    • Smart I/O & Comm.

      Smart I/O & Comm. iDoor series offers the most general interface as RS-232, RS-422/485, Digital/Analog I/O, I/O Link which are widely used in industrial applications.
    • Communication

      Wireless Communication iDoor series focuses on WiFi/Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID/NFC, GSM/GPRS/3G and LTE solutions for industrial IoT. The antenna kit of WiFi/BT/3G/4G offers flexiblility with more Advantech’s modules selection.
  • UNO Embedded OS Support

    Advantech' s UNO series provides an embedded OS solution offering a pre-configured image with optimized onboard device drivers. Advantech Embedded Linux system is an open source embedded OS which ports the Linux kernel to a specific CPU and board installed into the embedded device. The Advantech Embedded Linux with onboard device driver system features RedHat Package Manager to manage your embedded OS, make UNO to be an application-ready platform that saves you time and energy in launching your projects.

  • UNO Accessories

    Complete UNO accessories are provided to fulfill different application needs, such as the UNO-DIN21 DIN-rail Kit which supports DIN-rail mounting for the UNO-2100 series; the UNO-PM70 is a panel mounting Kit for the UNO-3000 series; and the UNO-WM72 is a wall mounting kit for the UNO-3072/L and UNO-3074. As well as the DIN-rail, Panel and Wall mounting kits, the UNO accessories also provide an FPM mounting kit, HDD expansion kit, ADAM module expansion kit and PC/104 module expansion kit.

  • Rackmountable Automation Computers for Power Substations: UNO-4000

    The UNO-4000 series are rack mount computers with PCI extension slots and are certified by IEC-61850. Each UNO-4000 series rack mounted computer is a fanless PC, featuring with fanless design and high computing power, isolated serial communication and multiple Ethernet ports, it gives them more reliability for various applications. The UNO-4671A is a rack mount computer that designed to be compliant with IEC-61850-3 for substation automation, the UNO-4672 and UNO-4673A are also rack mount computers that enhance the effectiveness of power transmission and substation automation. The UNO-4678 is convenient and user-friendly to fulfill a wide range of requirements. Programmers can integrate applications easily with a platform that can provide versatile functions to fulfill diverse requirements by using each UNO-4000 rack mounted computer.

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  • Modular Box Platforms

    Modular Box Platforms

    Advantech’s UNO series products are box platforms that feature a modularized design and are available with options for single stack or stack-up version. These platforms offer high flexibility and time-to-market support for a variety of applications. The single-stack UNO model provides basic functionality while enable further expansion capability.