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Industrial Portable Computers

Advantech Industrial Portable Computers are the best mobile devices for field service, including rugged tablets, and field tablets. Our rugged mobile devices are military-certified and drop resistant. Advantech rugged tablets and field tablets bring high mobility and rock solid build quality to professionals for field service. These industrial portable computer product lines include handheld terminals, industrial PDAs, and industrial tablet PCs. The high mobility solutions have abundant integrated add-ons such as: RFID, barcode reader, magnetic stripe reader, as well as special customization services to fulfill the unique needs of different vertical markets like the electronic flight bag.

Product Categories

  • Industrial Tablet PC

    Advantech's Industrial Tablet family provides several rugged devices, including a field tablet, semi-rugged tablet and rugged tablet for field services. They are built with durability and stability; sustainable in the toughest of environments. The entire series of rugged devices are an ideal platform to capture, process, and transfer data according to specific business requirements, such as manufacturing, warehousing, military, electronic flight bag in flight operation, factory maintenance, field services, transportation, police, fire, and other emergency services. With field tablets and rugged tablets, Advantech enhances your logistics work flow.

  • Handheld Terminal

    Advantech's Rugged Handheld Terminal series provides trusted post terminals and military terminals. With standard military certification, MIL-STD-810F, and an IP-rating guaranteeing protection against dirt, dust and water, and drop resistance, Advantech's Handheld Terminal can be used as a military terminal or post terminal. It is strong and rugged for reliable mobile communications in the field; reliable and sustainable with military certification.

  • Intelligent Sensing Device

    Intelligent Sensing Device

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