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Slot Single Board Computers

Advantech's embedded PC and Single Board Computers with PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) support Intel®s latest technology including Intel 2nd and 3rd gen Core™ processors to achieve unsurpassed performance. Embedded PC, Slot Single Board Computers all come with silicon, including CPU, chipset, and IO, and product specifications follow PICMG. Also, the power and expansion interfaces are through backplanes and the SBCs have to be assembled with backplanes for operation.

Product Categories

  • Single Board Computers

    Advantech Single Board Computer (SBC) cards support industrial control, factory automation, network appliances, and ATM Kiosk, etc. The design includes industry-standard ISA, PCI or PCIe gold fingers for easy expansion, support a full range of CPU performance options.

    • PICMG 1.3 System Host Boards (SHB Express)

      Advantech provides PICMG1.3 system host boards for slot single board computers (SBCs). Customers can easily recognize specific solutions based on product naming. For example, server grade PCE-7XXX SHB are compatible with PCE-7BXX backplanes. Mainstream PCE-5XXX SHB are compatible with PCE-5BXX backplanes. This precise naming policy helps prevent incompatible SHB and SHB Express backplane combinations.
    • PICMG 1.0 Single Board Computers (SBC)

      Complying with PICMG 1.0 standards, this series of full-sized single board computers (SBCs) features comprehensive backplane support. PICMG1.0 single board computers (SBCs) are the most flexible and expansible solutions for industrial, slot-hungry applications.
    • PICMG 1.3 Half-Size SBC

      Advantech provides PICMG 1.3 half-size Single Board Computers (SBCs) for the variety of single board computer requirements. PCIMG1.3-bus half-sized CPU cards offer high speed and wide bandwidth computing platforms, together with plug & play, flexible bus mastering and interrupt sharing. Advantech PICMG 1.3 half-size SBC supports your single board computers.
    • PCI Half-Size SBC

      Advantech provides PCI half-size single board computers (SBCs) for the variety of single board computers. PCI-bus half-sized CPU cards offer high speed and wide bandwidth computing platforms, together with plug & play, flexible bus mastering and interrupt sharing. Advantech PCI half-size SBCs support your single board computers.
  • Passive Backplanes

    Advantech provides expansion flexibility for its PCI boards, ISA boards, PICMG 1.3 full-sized, PICMG 1.0 full-sized and half-sized single board computers (or system host boards) via passive backplanes. For each single board computer, customers can choose a passive backplane of ISA, PCI-X, PCI, and PCIe interface, depending on application. Through our PCI boards, ISA boards, PICMG 1.3, PICMG 1.0 full-sized and half-sized single board computers, we provide outstanding expansion flexibility.

    • PICMG 1.3 Full-Size SHB Backplanes

      Advantech offers SHB backplanes with PICMG 1.3. Advantech's SHB Express backplane (PICMG 1.3) design policy provides clear guidelines that ensure system compatibility.
    • PICMG 1.0 Full-Size SBC Backplanes

      A wide range of Advantech SBC backplanes is available for PICMG1.0 SBCs (single board computers). PICMG1.0 SBC backplanes range from four to twenty slots, and allow optimal system configuration, with flexible combinations of 64-bit/32-bit PCI and ISA slots. Advantech also provides a low-cost, yet professional design service that tailors backplanes to meet expansion requirements within a short time frame.
    • PICMG 1.3 SHB Backplanes

      For half-size SBC backplanes, Advantech provides a full selection of PICMG1.3 SHB backplanes.
    • Half-Size SBC Backplanes

      Advantech offers a full selection of half-size SBC backplane and PCI backplane choices, which are compatible with half-size single board computers. For PCI half-size SBCs, customers can choose pure PCI backplanes or ISA/PCI backplanes, and for ISA half-size SBCs, pure ISA backplanes are suggested. There are also industrial chassis provided to meet customer requirements.

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