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Video Acquisition and Encoding

By implementing the latest DSP technologies and associated silicon, Advantech designs and manufactures video acquisition and video encoder boards in multiple form factors to enable a wide range of customer solutions. The boards address numerous video-related vertical market applications requiring single or multi-channel connectivity with analog or digital inputs. They are designed to perform high speed processing at SD, HD, and Full HD resolutions, provide analog and HDMI outputs, and supply a wide choice of interfaces for storage, networking and peripherals. The DSPs provide the highest performance computing power for executing advanced image processing and video analytics functions. With an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK), Advantech Video Acquisition and Video Encoding Solutions are ideal for system integrators who need to implement versatile video surveillance applications that fulfill a broad spectrum of customer requirements.

Product Categories

  • Video Servers

    Advantech’s VEGA-7000 is a highly configurable server that combines best video and IT practices within an optimized density and power consumption, off-the-shelf platform that efficiently scales throughput of UHD encoder and transcoder applications while reducing time-to-market. The VEGA-7000 can fit up to four VEGA PCI Express adapters to perform up to 1-ch 8Kp60, 8-ch 4Kp60 or 16-ch 1080p60 HEVC broadcast encoding in a short depth 1U rack mount form factor.

  • Video Appliances

    Advantech VEGA-6000 Series of fully integrated compact encoder and decoder appliances are versatile and efficient platforms that enable UHD live video contribution in power and space contained scenarios such as outside broadcasting and remote contribution in live events coverage. The family supports the latest HEVC coding format to optimize high resolution video transmission over satellite or mobile networks.

  • PCIe Card

    Advantech provides PCI Express Card, DSP PCIe Card, and PCIe Card for video acquisition and encoding. Advantech’s low-power, fanless PCI Express card supports 8/16-channel composite video plus audio inputs with H.264 hardware compression. It utilizes the Texas Instruments' DSP DavinciTM family for high-performance video processing, and includes software development kits to speed up application development. Our high-performance PCIe Video Acquisition Card is ideal for applications in video broadcasting, industrial vision systems, video conferencing, digital signage and media servers.

    • FPGA Video Accelerators

      The VEGA 4000 Series of FPGA-based PCI Express cards are ideal for accelerating machine learning, data analytics and live video processing applications both in appliances and in scale-out data center servers.
    • IP Media Interface Cards

      The VEGA-3000 Series of IP media interface adapters are a family of add-on PCI Express cards that perform video capture, encapsulation, lightweight compression and streaming to enable UHD media transport over commercial-off-the-shelf IP networks. Low-latency, high availability, and accurate synchronization are some of the specialized tasks, key to live production environments, where Advantech’s VEGA-3000 Media-over-IP cards can help.
    • Encoder, Decoder and Transcoder Cards

      Advantech's VEGA-3300 Series of ultra-low power video processing cards enable real-time HEVC at up to 20x less power consumption than a software-only solution. These PCI Express add-on cards with advanced functionality can deliver unrivaled video processing capability to a wide range of server-based media applications, allowing servers to do more of what they are good at, and significantly reducing power, cost and footprint of next generation UHD, Virtual Reality and 360 Video services.
  • USB 2.0 Module

    Advantech provides USB 2.0 module for USB video capture. Advantech’s intelligent USB 2.0 H.264 video capture module includes on-board video analytics engines and an SDK to speed content analysis for advanced surveillance applications. The on-board Video Analytics (VA) capabilities enable small-to-mid-sized video security applications. Our intelligent video acquisition module is especially suited for applications in traffic management & enforcement, digital video surveillance, and industrial vision systems.

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    VEGA Video Solutions

    Leading Innovation for the New IP Video Infrastructure Advantech VEGA Video Platforms and PCIe Adapters are designed to boost video infrastructure performance from acquisition to distribution at the lowest power budget while fully complying with the media industry needs. By providing access to the latest 4K/8K video processing and IP