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Video Processing and IP Media

Advantech provides commercial-off-the-shelf access to powerful acceleration technology for low latency video processing in platforms that scale from small embedded modules to cloud servers. Advantech also offers networking solutions, such as PCIe adapters and PCI express cards.

Product Categories

  • Video Servers

    The VEGA 7000 is a family of highly configurable accelerated video processing servers which has been optimized to efficiently scale throughput of high-density UHD HEVC encoding and transcoding applications from edge contribution to cloud distribution.

  • Video Appliances

    The VEGA 6000 family of compact video processing appliances supports ultra-low latency 4K 8K HEVC encoding, decoding and IP media interfaces for live UHD video processing in applications such as video accelerators, outside broadcasting trucks or hospital operating rooms.

  • PCI Express Cards

    The VEGA 3000, 3300 and 4000 Series of UHD video, IP media and FPGA adapters are powerful PCI Express cards and accelerators that can be integrated into standard servers to boost video processing and video infrastructure efficiency.

    • FPGA Video Accelerators

      The VEGA 4000 Series of FPGA-based PCI Express cards are ideal for accelerating machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and live video processing applications both in appliances and in scale-out data center servers.
    • Video Encoding, Decoding & Transcoding Accelerator

      The VEGA 3300 Series of 4K/8K PCI Express cards accelerate UHD HEVC/AVC video encoding, decoding and transcoding applications in broadcasting and live streaming workflows.
    • IP Media Interface Cards

      The VEGA 3000 Series of add-on PCI Express cards conforms to SMPTE 2022 and SMPTE 2110 standards to transport uncompressed or TICO compressed media-over-IP in live productions.
  • Video Modules

    The VEGA 2000 Series of small video modules supports video capture, HEVC, AVC encoding and live streaming over mobile networks for portable applications such as social media or anywhere broadcasting

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